Alphabet Word Conversation

Korean Pronounce English Norsk
  인증서 [Search]  injeungseo  certificates  attester
  아파트 [Search]  apart  apartment  leilighet
  논쟁하다 [Search]  nonjaenghada  dispute  bestride
  항공기 기술자 [Search]  hang-gong-gi gisulja  Aircraft technicians  Flyteknikere
  자르다 [Search]  jaleuda  cut  skjære
  추정 [Search]  chujeong  assumed  antatt
  건축가 [Search]  geonchugga  architect  arkitekt
  얼굴 [Search]  eolgul  face  ansikt
  호소하다 [Search]  hosohada  appeal  appell
  단서 [Search]  danseo  clue  anelse
  설립 [Search]  seollib  establish  etablere
  종류 [Search]  jonglyu  species  art
  허가 [Search]  heo-ga  admission  adgang
  광고하다 [Search]  gwang-go-hada  advertise  annonsere
  적용하다 [Search]  jeog-yong-hada  apply  anvende
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Korean Landscape Picture
Norway of Flo Korea of Horang
Sweden of Nils Greece of Dongyeon
Peru of Lama Denmark of Lego
Finland of Moomin Liechtenstein of Mint
Iceland of Blu Spain of Suyeon
Ireland of George Croatia of Chess
Swiss of Fondue New Zealand of Hobbit